Saturday, March 31, 2007

it's nearly Easter again...

it's time for a new Easter page, this was my page from last year...
i love how life is a journey, and how we have no choice but to travel on this road. i love the dance i'm dancing at the moment, how i often loose my step, just to recover and in the end it is just perfect harmony...
in love with life

Thursday, March 29, 2007

itsa twoooooooo!

yip, it is time for class no. 2 on Designers Notes and again i'll give you a sneak preview....

This time it is not a double layout, but a mini album, made from scratch, and it is all about the glorious animals in our home. Do you also believe that animal lovers are good people??

Today has been a good day, I went with one of my agents to a beautiful Game Farm, we are working together on a client, so just remember, next time you want to buy/sell property, visit us! There was this amazing, totally tame warthog, still a baby, and so very cute!! He followed us around like a puppy, i don't think he has a clue that he is in fact a wild animal. I stood on the deck of one of the chalets, looking at the crocodiles bathing in the sun, and just realized once again, i love Africa, it is in my blood and part of who i am.

signing off with an attitude of gratitude

Sunday, March 25, 2007

i've done it!!!

i am now officially on my own with scrapbooking, designed the first scrapbook kit, and as from tomorrow, i'm selling!!
Good news to the Tzaneen ladies, the price of the kit includes a class fee, the class will be on Saturday, 31 March, but, the bad news is, there are only six kits available. So, unfortunately, the first six ladies that book are in!!
this is what it looks like....

i absolutely have to share this picture with you, this is my new favourite picture of my Hubby....

Please have a great day tomorrow.....i leave you with this!
Isaiah 42...I the Lord have called You for a righteous purpose and in righteousness, I will take You by the hand and will keep You, I will give You for a covenant to the people for a light to the nations, to open eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon....
I am the Lord, that is My Name, and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to graven images....


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i d'claire

that scrapbook weekends away rocks!! it was such fun, and i loved the logo - ladies from Designers Notes are Claire and Dee - hence - i d'claire it a huge success!!

Wow, check out this girl's review of the Bundu weekend, this is what i call detailed!!

it was such fun, i loved teaching to some amazing women and enjoyed even more attending a class for a change!! had a mini make-over and photo-shoot - i am in love with Klynt (can't wait to visit him at his Guest House later this year) for another scrapbook weekend away!!)he was just amazing as a make-up artist!
Then there was the ever so talented Estelle, who made us all look amazing in front of the camera, thank you Sweetie, you were great.
This is from my shoot....

since this is my better side, you must all please walk on your hands from now on...
i have to share the scrapbook pages, this was from Dee's class...

Claire helped us to make the most amazing window box, mine is already in my office on my desk, i'll take a picture later for everybody to see!
I designed this double layout, and loved teaching it...

All i can say is, make sure you don't miss out the next scrapbook weekend, i will let you know in time to book!
have a blessed day...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

walk barefoot...

allow me to say how much i love to scrap at the moment... for the last two years i made pages to teach, now i scrap for myself, every page is like a blank canvas and me...i am free to be just me!!
this is my favourite photo of Nino, i can close my eyes and still feel the softness of his hair, remember his rosy cheeks and puffy hands...
i found these words in a diary by Elize Grey....

walk barefoot into Divine Silence - it's your private retreat - your prayer-picnic, where there isn't room for anything but enjoying a dialogue of tranquillity...

enjoy one of your most liberating decisions, a well deserved escape to your own outdoor chapel where you'll find repose again... and when you've deflated the airbed you can leave refreshed, touching your loved ones with the best you have, because it is now wrapped in LOVE... understanding, patience, compassion and joy...the angel in you is set loose...

this inspired me to issue a challenge to you all....a tag a day, for the next three days, Monday - Wednesday.... a tag a day about anything you felt - that is the only criteria, it has to be about a feeling.
i need you to mail me your tags so i can publish them on my blog...can you do that?

please take up the challenge, it is liberating to scrap your emotions!!
lotsa love and many, many kisses

Friday, March 02, 2007

i just had to...

give you a taste of what to expect at the Bundu weekend in March. For those of you who still wants to book, visit the Designers Notes website, (link on the left) and book, it is going to be great!!
very late now and i am "pooped"
still love you...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

tita February...

this layout is from two years ago, but i loved reading it today, it made me realize that time really flies! it's the end of Feb, can you believe it? i red in my Every Day Life Bible, a commentary by Joyce Meyer, it is about Matthew 6:33:

But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His Kingdom and His Righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

The word seek is a very strong word, it means "to pursue", "to crave" and "to go after with all your might"
We must form a habit of seeking God's face and not His hand. In other words, we are to seek His "presence" and not His "presents' I urge you to seek Him for who He is, not for what He can do for you.

It is so amazing to me, it made me seek Him, for my every day life depends on Him, and Him alone.

May today be a blessed time for you and your family, may you seek His presence today, and dwell in the nearness of His face.

love and two kisses