Monday, July 04, 2011

mirror...mirror on the wall...

what a project this has been. Worked a full weekend on this, untill late in the evenings. Finally i made something for myself, since most of my art end up being a gift. Reading a new book from Joyce Meyer, will tell you about it later, only on page 12, but i love it! Enjoy my photo mirror, cause i do!
lotsa love

Thursday, March 31, 2011

sage & peony

They remind me of flowers & herbs, these two.
I love them forever!
Life is good...and i am happy!
hope u r 2!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


these words by Joyce Meyer made me realize what the real meaning of peace is...
"not knowing exactly what wil happen in the future, but trusting God to take care of us and enjoying peace, is far better than erroneously thinking we have life all figured out while continuing to live in fear and anxiety.

To enjoy peace with God, we must become comfortable with NOT always knowing what the future holds"
i pray that i have enough faith to rest completely at God's feet today...

Finally did Nino's matric farewell page, all i can say
enjoying a relaxing Sunday...hubby is cooking lunch, oxtail, rice, green beans and sweet potato, (i love him). I, on the other hand is helping Nino with his Accounting assignment, maybe we'll be finished by tonight.

have a blessed day
love and 3 lazy dogs

Monday, March 21, 2011


ahh, the joy of scrapbooking, to capture our memories in something visual, that i can touch and feel... it is just magic!
take the time to do this, your memories are precious jewels...

Friday, March 04, 2011

he did this for me....

This is my amazing 16yr old son. He shaved his hair at the cancer shave-a-thon FOR ME!!! There is a tumor in my body that needs to be removed, and at this stage we are still unsure about the status of the tumor, but my child did this incredible act of love in pure faith that the outcome will be positive. Those of you who have 16yr old teenage boys, will surely understand how important their hair is to them.
I stand humble today, i learned from my child about love and dedication!
Nico, may the goodness of the Lord rest upon you, and your children until the end of time!
I love you forever!