Friday, March 04, 2011

he did this for me....

This is my amazing 16yr old son. He shaved his hair at the cancer shave-a-thon FOR ME!!! There is a tumor in my body that needs to be removed, and at this stage we are still unsure about the status of the tumor, but my child did this incredible act of love in pure faith that the outcome will be positive. Those of you who have 16yr old teenage boys, will surely understand how important their hair is to them.
I stand humble today, i learned from my child about love and dedication!
Nico, may the goodness of the Lord rest upon you, and your children until the end of time!
I love you forever!


3 of my friends said...:

Stefanie said...

What a wonderful son!
Thanks for leaving me a comment on journalingjunkie - great to find a fellow SA scrapper.
I am always looking for new design team members so let me know if you'd be interested?
eyeore at telkomsa dot net

Tracy said...

WOW!! That is very mature for a 16-yr old - certainly a testament to how he has been raised - well done to you!!

Saying a little prayer for you ...

Love, Tracy G

Lynette said...

You are blessed with such a mature and sensitive son...I know how boys his age are about their hair...but he loves you more-)