Sunday, December 31, 2006

What a day!!!

Can I please tell you about this last day of 2006! It started in the early hours of the morning, to be exact, few minutes past twelve, Bouts and I on our way to bed, realized we can't find Beethoven.
Let me introduce Beethoven:

Meet our 12 year old baby, he was a gift from my Dad to Nino on his second birthday, and he was just gone! He is terrified of thunder, and normally he is always with me, I was upstairs in my scrapbook room and only realized then that he was missing. We search for hours, Bouts got into the car and drove around town, scared that maybe somehow he got out the gate and was wondering around.

I have never prayed this much for my animals and we eventually found him, all wet and scared. I was so thankful I cried! (i think Bouts too)

The good thing about this day, 31 December 2006, is that it is the "Poppies's" birthday. Let me introduce you to them:

On the left is Abby and the other one is Noela. They are 2 years old today, happy birthday to them, and we love them like crazy! They keep us all young and on our toes, VERY BUSY girls these two, always up to something. LOVE to swim, and Bouts tries his best to keep them out of the pool, to much hair in the filter he says. I will let you know later who wins this contest!!

Then, last but not least, there are the other two, older women in this dog family of ours, let me introduce them:

On the left is Missy, she was my Mom's dog, and we adopted her after my Mom died. Chicka on the right is ours since she was a baby. These two are the two difficult old ladies, smallest but they rule all the other other animals in this family.

Now you know our dog family, the birds I will introduce to you later, and today we pay tribute to Gato, the only cat we ever had, who died two years ago in December at the wonderful age of 15 years.
We are thankful for our animals, they are kind and loving and I love that God created them, we can learn so much from them!!

I hope you all have a wonderful last day of 2006, we are spending the day with friends who will be arriving later. The braai will start at about seven tonight, and will go right through untill next year.
luv ya all

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