Tuesday, January 30, 2007

zip my lip!!

i zip my lip and i won't let the secret out yet!! But soon, oh, very soon i'll shout from the rooftops!!!
the last two days was amazing, i am still up there somewhere in the clouds, and i live my word for 2007!!
my heart is filled with gratitude, life is good and all is well!

i dreamed of my Dad and my Mom last night, so very real, and this morning i felt comforted in a way! i don't know if i ever shared my Dad's funeral letter with you, it was the hardest thing to do, but i loved doing it for him. he was my rock, my super dad, and i was his little girl!!

and my mom, i still fail the words to tell anybody how special she was, and how much i miss her, every single day!! i have not done many pages about my mom, it seems to difficult, but this one i had to do. after she died, we found letters addressed to her grandchildren hidden in her closet, as if she knew she would not live to be there for them.
i had to scrap the letters to my children, to remind them how much she loved them, and for me, to every now and then read them and remind myself how to love unconditionally!

1 of my friends said...:

judith said...

Hi Karin
I really love your LO's about your mom & dad. I can imagine it's hard... Your pages inspire me to make some Lo's about my dad :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog, hope to see you again soon!