Sunday, February 11, 2007

the big 40

yeah, it's his birthday tomorrow! he will definitely get breakfast in bed, as the tradition is in our home, and he will do nothing in the house tomorrow!! i made him this little album, one of Wilna's classes on Designers Notes, and it contains the letters from the boys and the voucher gifts we made him. the vouchers are stuffies we will do for him during the next week, just to show him that we love and appreciate him.... and we truly do!
this man is amazing and i am thankful for him! we love you...
take care

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judith said...

Hi Karin! Congratz!!
The minibook is wonderful, I like it! I have the same paper, so now I know what to make with it hihi
-If you leave a comment on my blog, you can also write Afrikaans,I would love that!! - See you