Wednesday, June 06, 2007

calling out to you and me...

He has fire in His eyes, and a sword in His hand,
Riding a white horse across this land,
Calling out to you and me...
"Will you ride with me!"
and i say, "YES, YES LORD, i'll ride with Thee!"

Isn't this AMAZING???
I've been listening to this song the whole week, and unfortunately for those around me, i've been singing along every time!!
it's not all i've been doing, made some cards...

Not really my style, but i had to make an example of a certain technique, just dunno what i'm going to do with all these cards!! lol

Have you been grateful today?
i am grateful for God's financial provision, for the food on our table today, for being healthy, for being loved by my family and friends, for my work, for the rain we had today, and for God's children listening to His Voice!! Today all the glory to Him who provides for His children!!
looking for me? - i am out riding on a white horse with my Lord!

8 of my friends said...:

The Mad Aunt said...

Just love what you have done on these cards - very different - will make someone very happy! Sometimes we have to go beyond what WE like and what we normally do - gosh are we normal? Big loves my friend - Claire

Jenny said...

Hi Karin - I too am grateful for the health of my children - something we take for granted until they get sick. My bot is slowly recovering

Anonymous said...

ooooh stunning cards Karin... very pretty... My favourite is the friends one :)

Tammy said...

Actually YES, I was wondering where you had gotten to... I love your cards and you know, you are always so inspiring in your words!

tanB said...

Hi Karen
It's good to be reminded to think of what we are grateful for. Sometimes when overwhelmed by the big things, I forget to be grateful for the small things.
Keep riding on that white horse!!
PS: cards are great to make coz they can help with a quick fix of creativity! What was the technique you used?

serendscrappity said...

Glad you got to your blog again! Love your cards, I think they are so much fun. A tiny canvas is not so intimidating and you can really experiment. Have a great week
Love Natasha

FlipFlop Mom said...

ohhhhhhh I love the cards... send one to me.. Ü ha ha ha... Beautiful song... and I wouldn't be offended one bit if you sang it loud and I heard.. I'd probably sing right along!!! Ü

Adele said...

LOVE the cards, Karin. What a clever lady you are. Do tell how you did the letters of "friend"!

Have a blessed week- rain in the middle of winter, indeed...