Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life on the farm...

is incredible!! I love everything about nature, and for a large part of my life i lived on a farm as a child, now my children are blessed to experience the same! We worked so hard on the house, took us forever to paint the inside, now they are busy with the outside, once it is finished, i'll post some pictures! For now, i want to share my first movie with you, photos are from the last photo shoot with my son and my two nieces, Chantal and Stephanie. I took these pictures two weeks ago, a day before Chantal's engagement, on the farm in one of the fields. Enjoy the beautiful mountains in the pictures, we are totally surrounded by them, amazing to see God's creation, perfectly created, just like us!!

May God bless you today, and may you experience the comfort of the Holy Spirit in it's fullness!!

7 of my friends said...:

jacqui said...

Hi Karin

I don't know why we missed each other at the convention. I was in the C group. Which one were you in? Glad you're enjoying farm life. What did you think of the convention?

Desire Fourie said...

Hello Karin. Bly om te hoor dat die stilte op jou blog was agv julle opknappingswerk op die plaas. Jy maak my skoon jaloers. Daar is niks so sielsverrykend soos plaaslewe nie. Ek het groot geword op 'n plaas en weet presies waardeur julle gaan. Mis die plaaslewe baie. Was jy al op DoingLife se Online Shoppe gewees? www.doinglife.co.za - dis waarmee ek myself onder andere ook die afgelope 2 maande besig hou. Sterkte met alles wat julle op die plaas aanpak - dit kan net lekker wees. Liefdegroete. Desire Fourie
PS Kan ek asb weer jou emailadres kry. Baie dankie

Esther said...

Hi there, strangers.
I've realy missed you in blogger land. Lots of love, es

The Mad Aunt said...

Hello gorgeous

Welcome Back - hope we can stay in touch during my transition too - we are off to Wales at the end of November so please pass on any PACKING advise from your latest experience! hehhe missed you

happydays525 said...

Awesome! So glad that you are back...looking forward to catching up again! Have a beautiful day!

Lisa G said...

Hi Karin,
So happy to see you! Thank you so much for asking about my mom. She is doing very well, thank you. She is still on her treatments but those have been cut down to a lessor amount because it was just too much for her. She is still doing her little chores and walking and going places but she has lost a lot of weight.
The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing. It is always amazing to see a person being touched by God's hand :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

This is beautiful girl.. but that doesn't surprise me.. you do AWESOME work!!!!