Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Sunshine Child

'I love you very much Nikky Picky'

'I love you mucher'

' Yeah, but I love you more'

'Oh no, I love you the muchest'

It feels like yesterday, you were this cute little boy with so much love to give. This was my favourite conversation with you, I loved it so much, you have always made the world a better place to live!
This morning I realized that you will always be our baby, even if you grow-up to be a hundred years old, you will always be our baby. I watched you play with your dad on our bed this morning, and I loved it. There was this power struggle, who is the strongest, and then when he pinned you down and tickled you, I saw the love that radiated from your face, and it just left me speechless. I love watching the two of you play, and I am so thankful for him, for being such a wonderful father to our two boyz!
I sometimes wonder what it will be like when you are all grown-up, if you will still have these silly moments together. I know your father, to him, you will always be his mates. I am positively sure that he will always kiss you 'hello' en 'goodbye', so, prepare yourself to be this young man who will bring his new girlfriend home, and still be kissed by his father!! lol

I must admit, I love the idea of you being so close, and I pray often that your relationship will just grow stronger and better, that you will always be this close. There are many things you can learn from him, he already taught you to be a gentleman, I know that, cause you treat me with the same respect he does. I could not have been blessed more in this life, for having the family I do, for being loved the way I am, and today, I celebrate just that. I celebrate this sunshine you bring in our lives and the way you love us, truly and without limit!
We love you back...

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