Monday, April 17, 2006

The wonder of children

We spend Easter with Amaro, Jolene & beautiful little Gemma. They left 2day, and now the house is very quiet, to quiet!
I always miss her like crazy when they leave, she is VERY BUSY and VERY NOISY! But, I love that!
I love to see her grow, to hear all the new words, and believe me, there are many!
My favourite, when you kiss her to many times, is,
"genoeg!" (enough)
The easter egg hunt was something else. Jolene and I drew a treasure map for the kids, and off they went, (not Nino - very uncool thing 2 do when you are 13, you just wait for the bucket full of eggs and eat away, that's kewl!)
I took this picture of Gemma somewhere in my back garden, and I loved it. So, now it is missing her until she comes to visit again, stay pure at heart little girl, you are loved.

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