Thursday, April 06, 2006

Precious gifts from God

I am not new to losing people that I love, I have had my share of standing next to an open grave and saying goodbye. It is a terrible thing to do, but you never have a choice in this regard, you just have to do it! But then, God is faithfull and good, He always blesses us with something new, in my family, it is this beautiful little girl, Gemma Yasmine de Abreu. I love this child, and I thank God for her. Today, a friend of mine stood by her husbands open grave, she and her three girls had to say goodbye, they had no choice. Tonight, I looked at my family, all four of us safely in this wonderful home God blessed us with, and I want to thank Him, for protecting us, for loving us with a love we can never understand, and for providing for us. I pray for you tonight Annette, for you and your girls, that you will feel the same protection and love I do, that you will find comfort in Him, that you will seek Him with all your heart! Posted by Picasa

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