Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love this house

....and I thank God daily for giving it to this family. I pray often, and ask the Lord if we can grow old in this house. I love every inch of Kiepersol street nr 8 and all the memories woven into these walls can never be replaced by even the greatest castle in the world. Sometimes at night when everybody is asleep and I am still scrapbooking, I walk down the stairs from my scrapbook room, and I walk from room to room, praising God for it all. I know that this is home to our children and that no matter where life will take them on their journey, they will always come back to us and this house.

I love our life in this house, I love the smell and the way our animals wait for us at the gate. I love that the frontdoor is always open and I am ever so thankful for our Grace that faithfully cleans everyday. David keeps the garden going, and love in this family just keeps it all together. I hope that your house is home to you and that you will love each other unconditionally, like we do!

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