Saturday, April 28, 2007

17 years, and he's still the one!

yip, 17 years of marriage today, and he is still the one i love!! lots of laughter, lots of tears, lots of love and lots of fighting, but still together and happy! the best thing of these 17 years are two precious boys, and i must admit, being away from home without them was very nice and romantic, but, did we miss them!!!! We came back on Friday, but they left of a church camp on Thursday, we will only see them tomorrow, i can't begin to tell you how much they are missed!!
i have to start with a "thank you" to my sister-in-love, for making all the arrangements for us to go away, i know she helped my darling husband, and from me to both of them, from the bottom of my heart, i loved every moment! we went to Crystal Springs , a Mountain Lodge near Pilgrims Rest! What a fantastic place!
We kept the fireplace burning all night, since it was cold, spend
some time in the heated indoor pool and hiking in the Mountains (realized we need to exercise more) I loved browsing through all the little shops in Pilgrims Rest, the whole town declared a Monument, in memory of the gold rush during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Amazing place, full of history and charm! All i can say, it turned out to be the best birthday and wedding anniversary ever!!

By the way, i've been tagged by Crafty Chris, 7 random facts/habits about myself, here goes!!

1. Orange is my favourite colour and my favourite fruit

2. my favourite actor is Andy Garcia, not a better looking man alive in this
world! (sorry to my DH)

3. i love animals more than people

4. i cannot keep a secret, i tell them all to my husband (if you don't mind him
knowing your secret, you can tell me)

5. i hardly ever cook, my husband does all the cooking (he loves it)

6. i will marry my husband again.

7. i love the Lord, and He is the most precious relationship in my life, above my
husband and above my children!

i in return choose to tag Lara, Claire, Tasha, Judith, Esther, and Lisa!
so, ladies, let us see those nasty habits!!
take care this wonderful weekend,
with love and a kiss in the Mountains

6 of my friends said...:

Jenny said...

Morning (it is very early here) and congratulations! Your time away sounds as though it was a wonderful time together

Lisa G said...

Hey, Happy Birthday and Anniversary! You just reminded me that I have one tomorrow, lol. How could I forget that right? Goes to show how much I have on my mind right now.
Love being tagged. I will do it this weekend :)

Tammy said...

I was looking at and reading your blog this evening and I have to tell you that I enjoye it very much, your scrapbook pages are gorgeous and your pictures are amazing!! I have never seen such a big tree in all of my life!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Beautiful photos!! Happy Anniversary...!!!

And I agree about Andy Garcia... he's quite yummy!! LOL LOL

Esther said...

Happy Anniversary!!
And thanks for the tag... have to think about my seven habits/ facts... but looking forwards to publish them on my blog... love, es.

Adele said...

Happy anniversary to you, too. My six compared to your seventeen...that's amazing! May the Lord continue to bless your marriage in the year to come. I'm loving the cool weather and the long weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow- enjoy the last day.
love Adele.