Monday, April 16, 2007

is it wrong?

to be this proud of your own child. We spend the rest of the day on Sunday after church at this beautiful place not far from Tzaneen, it is the largest Baobab tree in the Southern Hemisphere, breathtakingly beautiful! This is my 14 year old son, riding this 4wheeler like a professional, apart from closing my eyes every time i take a picture, cause i am so scared for him, my heart just filled with pride looking at him! To me, he is beautiful, i love how tall and proud he is, and most of all, i love his sense of humour!

Standing next to him Sunday in church, looking up at his face, i felt on top of the world, my heart exploding with love for our two boys, they turned out fine young men! If i sound terribly proud, it is because i am! i also know that many of you share the same feeling for your children, and i often remind myself that they are a gift from a loving God, and i want you all to pray with me tonight for the many children in this world who are abused and neglected, and to also pray for our own children, that God will protect and bless them!
i share with you this photo of the Baobab tree, pretty amazing to think that one tree can be this big. In the front, where the chairs are, there is an opening in the tree, and they actually serve refreshments in there, i must admit, a strange feeling to stand inside a tree! For those of you who still plan to visit South Africa, and the South African ladies, do treat yourself to plan a trip to see this wonder!

proud mom signing off

12 of my friends said...:

serendscrappity said...

What an amazing tree, can't wait to get that side of the world and see it. Beautiful photos and I understand the pride and fear totally.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

BEAUTIFUL TREE!!!!!!!!! And I understand completely!

Jenny said...

That tree is gorgeous! I love baobab trees - they are so funny. I have linked you on my blog - I hope that's okay

Anonymous said...

It can't be wrong to be proud of your children... when they fill your heart with happiness and give you so much joy. I feel the same about mine as you know... so enjoy every day and BE PROUD :)
Stunning photo of the light behind the tree and of your son x

Esther said...

Great photo's... Sometimes I feel the same with my two boys... they're a bit younger (1 and 4) but it's still is very hard to see them do dangeress things...The tree is wonderful... You don't see things like that in Holland... Love Es.

Candice said...

Karin, that tree is spectacular. Wow, we are so blessed to live in this beautiful country!! As for quadbiking, my son saw your pictures and his eyes lit up. Is this a bad sign?


Julie said...

Hi Karen,
I am proud of my son's and my daughter as well. They have been brought up "in the way that they should go" and have not strayed - I am even more thankful than proud. Yes I will join you in prayer for the many children who do not know a loving secure home and do not know the love of the Father!
Love your pages - I have so enjoyed looking over your blog!

judith said...

I can imagine you are proud of your son, Karin!! The baobab tree is beautiful. I photographed one at the Kruger park, but this one is much bigger! Lots of love from Holland!!

{Lara} said...

...happy birthay to you, happy birthday dear Karin...

(couldn't find your email address!)
Enjoy your day today (21st)


Adele said...

Hallo Karin!

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday and a year ahead full of blessings!
May the Lord's hand be upon you on every day in the year ahead.

much love,

Tammy said...

Are you really in South Africa? You LIVE there? I don't think I ever met anyone that lives in Africa... very cool... What took you there? Were you born there? anyway, Thank you for your email, and you know... You're so right, we totally need to pray for our children and plead the blood of Christ...

Rein said...

What a wonderful tree!!