Friday, April 06, 2007

God's gift...

to us is this beautiful earth. We live in the country, what a privilege, i'm not a city girl at all, and this is why...

i spend most of the day at this beautiful Game Lodge, and i still dream of Africa!
have a blessed Easter

7 of my friends said...:

{Lara} said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Karin, and for the well wishes.

Your surrounds are absolutely stunning. I really LOVE that part of the world.
blessings this Easter time

happydays525 said...

THANKS for sharing those pictures! You live in such a beautiful place, amazing! Have a nice Easter!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

wow! I LOVE the pic of that bridge! Wonderful!

Wilna said...

WOW! Now I am homesick!
Mens kan ons uit die bos uithaal maar nie die bos uit one nie!


Anonymous said...

We are all lucky in our own way... but to have such beauty on your doorstep... wow!!! Stunning photographs... now it's not 'wish you were here' but 'wish I was there' lol :)

p.s thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

judith said...

WOW! It looks beautiful Karin! Do you live here or work here?
I would love to receive the notes over the mail you promised :)See you

Yvette Adams said...

These photos at the Game Lodge are fantastic. It looks like a beautiful place. Love your latest card too. Beautiful.