Saturday, April 21, 2007

it's my birthday!!

First time in 17 years, a birthday without my husband!! i woke this morning at 5, cried a river of tears, not because i miss my hubby, but because today is the first birthday that i realized, never again will my Dad or Mom phone me on my birthday. i always phoned them very early in the morning on the day of my birthday, and when they answered, i sang to myself. it was always such a joke between us!! will there ever be a day that i don't miss them so much??
and then, my husband phoned, (he is away on a church camp)and i cried some more, and then i was ok. He is definitely home sick, phoned 4 times today!! the kids and i left Tzaneen at 6 this morning, Nino played rugby in Pietersburg, about 100km from here, they won 29-6, such a nice gift on my birthday!
Jolene, Amaro and Gemma arrived at 3 o'clock this afternoon, i can't believe how much Gemma changed since my last visit to them, they grow a mile a minute!
then, the most funny thing happened, a few of my friends planned a surprise birthday party for me, since all our husbands are at the same camp! very nice, except the invitations to my surprise party went out on sms, and by accident they send it to me too!! i wish you could see their faces when they arrived at our house, and the table was set, all ready for the pizza and cake!! it was so funny, we laughed for the first 20 minutes non stop!!
in the end, it turned out to be a fantastic day, and although i feel like an orphan, and had to endure a birthday without my fantastic husband, i realized that God blessed me with a loving family, and wonderful friends. To all of you who remembered, and left me comments, i love you!!
my cup runneth over...

11 of my friends said...:

Juel said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you Karin!!
I think it is wonderful when someone remembers your birthday!!

The Mad Aunt said...

Hope you had a FABULOUS day and that you received your email! Love you lots and may the year ahead be filled with much joy! Have you set dates for Tzaneen yet?

serendscrappity said...

Hope you have a fantastic year Karen. Best wishes

happydays525 said...

Hope you had a WONDERful day! Sorry that you had to be without your loved ones, it's hard, but know that you are loved by so many!!! :) That's pretty special! Your card is on the way...not sure how long it will take though to get to you from the states!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday for Saturday and I'm glad that it was a good day after all! Thanks for your comments baout my Wall Art. Isn't it amzaing how s/bing brings people together?

Desire Fourie said...

Happy birthday Karin. Know the sad feeling. But I hope that you did have a special day, despite. Cannot wait to see your Candice layout on DesignersNotes. Will just have to wait for you to finish your galavanting. Love. Desire

{Lara} said...

Hi, hope you got my birthday wishes!

Please email me - need to chat.


Esther said...

A bit to late, but still from the bottom of my heart: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Karin, happy birthday to you !!! love es

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen... a bit late as I've been poorly but 'a very happy birthday to you'. It is sad that you haven't got your Mam and Dad with you but I'm sure they would wish you the most wonderful year to come!!
p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog... and yes lol I do create every day... unless something or someone stops me.

judith said...

Happy birthday Karin! i can imagine it is hard without your parents.. But I am glad you are ok and had a fantastic day!! LOL that your friends messaged you too :))
Thank you sooo much for the nice comment on the blogs of Esther and me!! That is really nice to read! Lots of love from Holland, and guess what I won a RAK with my memory of South Africa hihi :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quickie Karin to tell you I have tagged you... come on over to see the rules.... :)