Monday, April 09, 2007

it's a card!!

although i know that card making is an essential part of scrapbooking, i make only a few cards every now and then!! and then, when i do make them, i LOVE IT!!
this got me thinking (hard thing to do), we don't send birthday cards anymore, it is either a phone call or a visit on birthdays, no more letters or cards in the mail.

Do you still do that??i've decided to change that from today, i am going to send birthday cards to those i like, love, appreciate and admire, in the post, with a stamp and a postman to deliver! if you fall in the above category in my life, please email me your postal address, if you read this blog, please do the same cause then you definitely fall under friends!! Let me know who you are, and don't forget to send your birthday date also! please, please, please, i want to mail some cards!!
i made these cards for my friend Rachel's daughter, Danika, it is her 12th birthday today, and these are the invitations to her "dress-up" birthday party on Friday.
My sister-in-love, Anna was visiting over the Easter weekend, and she donated all the beads for the bracelets we beaded for the girls as part of the invitation. Danika send me some photo's of herself, all dressed-up, so that all the girls can see the theme and have an idea of what to wear, i think she looks stunning in her flower dress and hat!!

i put the photo's on little tags in the invitations, so that her friends can use them afterwards as bookmarks, maybe put them in their Bibles to remember to pray for her! i hope that you enjoyed your Easter weekend, and that you were all blessed in a special way, and that you all remembered that Jesus died for us, so that we can have eternal life!
signing off with joy in my heart!

10 of my friends said...:

{Lara} said...

I felt just the same way as you that it's so easy to just send an sms. At the end of last year, a group of us scrapbookers decided to do a - hand made and into the post - card thing. It's so nice to open a hand addressed envelope. Email me your details and address too!

iralamija said...

oh'!!! MGD!! THIS is AMAZING work!!! I love this! TFS!!!

Bety :)

serendscrappity said...

I just love you blog Karen. Your lodge looks stunning. What a wonderful idea to revive giving and receiving REAL cards and letters! Looking forward to scrapping with you again soon.

Juel said...

Karin, Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog today. I wish I could take credit for the smaller art print. I got it from a local artist years ago and decided that I wanted to scrapbook it into the large frame.

Love your blog and the photos from where you live are beautiful. I promise to post more of my artwork soon, you just keep yours coming too!!

jacqui said...

Hi Karin

What a great idea - I've been feeling like that for ages now. I've taken to posting post cards with pics of SA on it to my friends overseas in Canada and Australia. It's been so well received. I really like your idea - well done. I really like the look of your lodge. Definitely a place where creativity can flow.
Have a great day :) Love Jacqui

Adele said...

I love your invitations- makes me want to have a tea party too- I'm sure the girls will love the bracelets and bookmarks too!

I also love your idea about sending cards. It is so dreary just to get bills in the mail, how nice to get a lovely handwritten envelope in amongst them...

I use a website called to keep track of birthdays- they send you a reminder a couple of weeks before- enough time to get those cards in the post.

Please send me your birthday and address too, my email address is

happydays525 said...

Love these beauties! So bright and fun! I've actually been making cards lately too and agree that it's fun to have a change in pace and make something little that can be sent out to make someone's day a bit brighter and a little more special. Little things like this is what life's about in my book!

Have a great day!

Desire Fourie said...

Ja, dis baie waar. Geen meer lekker lang leesbriewe in die pos, waarmee 'n mens rustig kan gaan sit en lees terwyl jy 'n koppie tee nuttig nie. Ook geen kaartjies tydens spesiale geleenthede nie en wat nog te se van 'n handgemaakte kaartjie nie. Ek moet se ek geniet dit baie om kaartjies te maak en doen dit gereeld - gebruik al my oortollige fotos na 'n uitleg gedoen is op die voorkant van my kaartjies wat ek scrapbook styl skep. Ek hou baie van jou uitnodigingskaartjie met die 'tag' wat baie prakties is vir gebruik na die tyd.
Die lodge lyk baie rustig en ek is seker dit het wonders vir die siel gedoen. Ons het nou net teruggekeer van ses dae se sielsverryking by Cathedral Peak in die Drakensberg. Hou DOING LIFE dop vir 'n paar fotos en die storie daaragter. Karin is reg: Ons kan waar ookal swerf maar ons kan nie die bos uit ons haal nie. Afrika vloei diep in ons are. Praat weer. Desire

Anonymous said...

Karin these are wonderful... and how lovely for the girls as keepsakes... what a great way to remember a day. What a lucky girl :)
I too have started to send things out by post... mainly because I still get such a thrill when the postie comes to my place... even though it's usually just with junk mail :0... but I always open the door to the postie with a smile... just in case lol

saffiertje said...

Karin, I love your cads! And how great the idea to put bookmarks in to use! Love the idea and you make really grat things!

Let the Lord inspire you in your creative journey!

god Blesses you...