Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why i love April...

Oh, how i love April, my favourite month of the year. I made this page today to celebrate this month, love the fat ladies, i had to draw it by hand from a picture! used some of my material paint to do this, and as usual i love the bright colours.

Why i love April...
1. It's my birthday
2. and my Wedding Anniversary
3. Easter
4. Holiday for our kids
5. Just before winter, it's the best weather. not so extremely hot anymore!

This year it is even more special, Bouts and i are going away for our wedding anniversary, alone!!! For the first time in 17 years we are going on a short holiday without our children, and you know what, i think they love the idea!
i hope that your April will be special too...
happy love

6 of my friends said...:

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin

I just love your page - it is brilliant!!

Enjoy your anniversary get-away, after all these years, you deserve it. Don't forget to take lots of photos too!


Michelle Ramsay
(Doing Life Bundu Chick)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... what a fun page... that is sooooo cool. You are so clever :)

happydays525 said...

That is an awesome page! Love that you did that by hand! Very cool...and have fun on your anniversary! SO excited you must be! :)

The Mad Aunt said...

hello you - fancy some of my favourite chocolate and vanilla cheesecake? Have a GREAT gettaway you deserve every minute of it - have withdrawal symtoms need to see you!


Adele said...

I love how you are pushing the boundaries of traditional layouts- collage and art, and fun,fun,fun. Congrats and Blessings,

Tiffany said...

I love this page! Love the swirls for your hair, the flowers and the drawing. So very pretty! And I love this month too.